College Savings Plan: 5 × 1000 and more ways to plan for the financial aspects of Mazza College

It is possible to budget college expenses and support the study and professional development of Mazza College students in the following ways:

5 X 1000: Income Tax Return

It is possible to claim up to this as a deduction on your tax return and elect to donate it directly to Mazza College, without any penalties for the filer, because this tax portion would be taken anyways.

Simply enter the tax code for Mazza College “00748590288” on your tax return in the first category “Volunteering Support …”.

Direct Donations from a Person or Business

Donations must be made to ONLUS ‘Associazione Allievi Collegio Universitario D. Nicola Mazza ’: any donation is deductible from your tax return (for individuals) or deductible from the enterprise’s income, pursuant to art. 13 of D.L. 4.12.97 n. 460. and donations can be transferred to the following account:

Bank Antonveneta IBAN: IT 48 N 05040 12189 000001183276
with “Donation” in the wire transfer description.

The transfer receipt, which must include the payee’s first name, last name, and address, can then be deducted on your tax return.

Donations In Memory

Establishment of scholarships in memory of a special person for the benefit of university students.


Funds left to Mazza College as allocated by the deceased person’s will.
For further information, contact: dr. Mirco Paoletto, 049/8734411 –

Merit Scholarships

It is possible to support the academic journey of students admitted to Mazza College through the awarding of one or more annual scholarships that entitle students to free or reduced college residency:


Business scholarship     

Student’s Conditions    

Student’s Contribution

8.000,00 €

Free annual attendance

 0,00 € – free stay

5.000,00 €

Subsidized annual attendance (1st rate)

300,00 € monthly

3.000,00 €

Subsidized annual attendance (2nd rate)

500,00 € monthly

1.500,00 €

Subsidized annual attendance (3rd rate)

650,00 € monthly