Academics and Workshops

Mazza College is characterized by the amplitude and diversity of the initiatives that it offers to the students in its residences.

The personal development opportunities integrate with and complete the university education on many levels:

– They ensure the acquisition of the necessary knowledge and abilities to complete a university education and develop well-rounded professional skills

– They contribute quality and added value to the university degree by offering interdisciplinary experiences, involving students in their personal empowerment, international exchanges, and cultural and interpersonal workshops.

The variety of opportunities for personal growth:

Tutoring: semi-annual review of academic progress, with personal assistance provided by university professors and experienced students; educational assistance and psychological counseling services; courses in study methodology for new students.

Cultural activities: conferences, meetings, study seminars, courses in interdisciplinary specialization, talks with professionals, debates with culture experts; cinematic programming, music reviews, exhibitions.

Activities to compliment your personal growth: foreign language courses certified by European standards; computer courses in preparation for ECDL exams.

University courses: Conference series and university courses in convention with local universities, which can be taken for university credit as electives. Postgraduate professional development courses.

International exchanges: economic support for students admitted to Socrates-Erasmus exchanges; scholarship availability for conducting research abroad, aimed at dissertation research.

Volunteering and cooperation: volunteering and social service activities; presence of groups and clubs charged with managing the College’s various activities; possibilities of volunteering internationally.

Sports: club and intramural sports, availability of spaces and facilities for individual and group sport activities.

Professional development: professional development initiatives, with a database for résumé collection and frequent contact with companies; meetings and courses in preparation for entering the working world.

Religious Activities: Opportunities for students to openly participate in Christian initiatives, discussions and meetings with people of different religions, ethical and religious insights, personal companionship, spiritual enlightenment activities.