Personal Development Project

Your personal project

The MAIN FEATURE of your personal development will depend on the value of the goals for growth that you will set and the quality of the paths of development that will lead you to reach them. The College offers you the opportunity to build your own Personal Development Project, enhancing the wide range of experiences and initiatives that characterize life in the Residences.

At the beginning of the academic year each student submits their Personal Development Project to the management by the set deadline, with an indication of their priorities and clearly defined objectives for the current academic year. The Management, members of the University Commission, and the tutors in the College may contribute to the project proposal.

The Personal Development Project:
– aims to maximize your individual resources
 – should be considered in relation with your characteristics and the objectives of the College’s educational expectations, in dialogue with the Management
 – is an opportunity to define concrete, realistic, verifiable, and improvable goals for your personal growth

During the year each student organizes their efforts, taking into account the general deadlines and the commitments expressed in their Personal Development Project.

At the end of every year, each student is called upon to verify the fulfillment of their Annual Personal Development Project through a written self-examination, an interview with the management, and an academic review. Following this scheme, the objectives of the Development Project are revised critically and further personalized for the upcoming year.

About the Project

The College offers you activities and initiatives organized in different areas that express the basic aspects of the development you are committed to foster during your time in university.

"Personal & Relational" Area

The College offers you the opportunity to learn about and value your personal resources and to manage broad margins of autonomy and freedom. The needs of community life and academic deadlines will force you to mature a full awareness of your attitude and limits. The College asks you to question your humanity and interiority and gives you the tools to continually mature them. That is why you will find initiatives that give you the opportunity to reflect upon yourself, on your life plan, and discover ways to grow in a spiritual sense. In the context of communal and relational life you will cultivate the ability to exercise responsibility in groups and clubs that will allow you to use your feelings and interests to serve others. Residence life, groups and clubs, and service proposals and volunteering are designed to foster active and collaborative community involvement.

"Academic” Area

The College aims to create a fulfilling University experience for its students, beginning internally through the cohabitation of students, educators, researchers, and guest teachers, modeling itself off of early university practices. The life and study environment offers the necessary conditions to enable you to successfully approach your chosen course of study. Thanks to tutoring and college planning activities, you will be able to count on experienced classmates and professors to help you choose the right course of study for your major, with the ability to choose from courses that the College offers internally and receive university credit for these courses, which are accredited by the local Universities.

"Cultural" Area

The College offers the opportunity to enrich your basic cultural knowledge in all its facets in order to be able to address the various aspects of student life and your future professional life. The possibility of independently having access to your university development must begin from the awareness of important social phenomena, historical events, and the richness and diversity of different national cultures. Conferences, talks, seminars, and courses regularly offered by the College during the academic year are valuable opportunities, and you are able to select the ones best equipped for you to personalize your growth.

"Supplementary" area

At Mazza College you can combine your academic knowledge with the acquisition of fundamental linguistic and computer skills to perfect the techniques required in your future profession. You are offered the opportunity to attend courses and acquire certifications recognized by national and international organizations.

"Professional" Area

Professional development initiatives represent the final level in developing personal resources and a wealth of skills, abilities, and characteristics that you will need in order to navigate professional and social situations actively and proactively. Among the activities offered by the College, you will find some that will give you the opportunity to prepare yourself for the transition from school to work. You may also be included in workshops that are run in close contact with companies and the College’s partner institutions, giving you experience with real work and research projects to add individuality to your academic journey.

Expected results

The Management sets general deadlines within which the commitments of Personal Development Projects must be maintained. Considering that students will be living at the college for several years and the fact that every student will want to evenly balance their responsibilities, each student must plan out the different factors of their project with the Management. Students can pick and choose various aspects of the College’s offerings to make their project unique: every year, confirmation of students’ lodging in the College is based on the condition that they have completed their pre-established goals, that they have shown consistent positive academic progress, that they have participated actively and responsibly in their community, and that they have a willingness to continue to mature and grow.