Auditorium – Padua

The “Luigi Gui” Auditorium is located in the heart of Padua, at Mazza College, which has been present in the cultural life of the city for more than 50 years.
The pedestrian entrance is via Campagnola (map), easily reachable by buses 6 and 10.
It is a room suited to meet all the needs of cultural events such as talks, videoconferences, and stage readings and screenings in a comfortable environment and in compliance with current safety regulations.


– 228 places to sit (comfortable armchairs);
– 2 places for people with disabilities;
– table for 8 speakers;
– PC connection to projector, ready to use;
– director’s box, outside entrance, reception area
– telephone, wardrobe and bar;
– speakers, audio-video recording system,
– video system for CD, DVD, and VHS projection, with Dolby

-surround sound and digital audio, automatic screen;
– whiteboards, projector compatible with videos on both  PC and Mac;
– stage, lighting, and additional structures for theatrical performances.

There are three car seats available for speakers.

Upon request we can provide technical assistance (directors, room staff) and use of adjacent spaces such as the café for coffee breaks and the dining hall for lunch and dinner.

Download the auditorium booklet 

For information and reservations: – ​​tel. 049/8734411 (9 am to 1 pm).