Campus Life

We welcome your enthusiasm

If you are convinced that …
1) studying is not enough to be educated
2) knowledge is multiplied through sharing and not by accumulation
3) graduating isn’t sufficient to find work
… then we offer you the opportunity to build your college career in an exciting way.

The College welcomes university students into its Residences to enhance group life potential through personal development courses that aim for excellence. The family atmosphere, combined with team spirit and the energy of friendship, makes the College an unparalleled cultural and life experience.

The Admission Process

During the admissions period we collect the necessary information to evaluate candidates, while said candidates have the opportunity to get to know the rich personal and professional offerings of the Residences.
The admissions committee, composed of educators, professors, and university researchers, assesses candidates’ preparation and motivation through the examination of their high school transcripts and their admission application.
Admissions results are based on:
1) Academic excellence and the motivation to study.
2) The interest and the ability to participate actively in a personal development project.

The university certifies what you know, the college what you are

As a Merit-Based College we offer students the opportunity to experience a personal development path that completes and enriches their university education. Upon admission, it is possible to obtain a “College Certificate”, which certifies that students have acquired various skills and which can be presented as an additional certification in the selection process for jobs in public administration, according to the individual job postings, or presented to private employers in order to certify the skills and knowledge acquired during the candidate’s college experience.

The benefits of our services

We know that for a family, a child’s university education represents an important and not always financially sound commitment. For this reason we offer scholarships and reduced rates in relation to the family’s economic conditions. Overall, the services offered enable you to obtain significant savings compared to other situations in attending an out-of-state university.