Chorus Group


First and foremost, choir is the desire to be together and have fun. It is the emotion that you feel when, after so much effort, the songs are finally sung and the result is not bad at all. It is joy in the eyes of the elderly of the senior home, when each year, during the Christmas season, we give them a moment of serenity with our voices. It is the astonishment of people walking quietly around Padua and coming across young adults singing in the squares of the city. It is the dinners after concerts, where you sing at the top of your lungs and the next day you’ve lost your voice. It is the inevitable field trip that this year took place in Verona and that, thanks to the adventures that happened there after a few glasses of wine, made us an even more united group. It is practicing every week, even when you have an exam the next day and still you go sing, so at least for a while you can relax. It is the College’s San Massimo event, where you put yourself to the test in front of a sea of ​​people and where you meet other choir groups, who you can learn and take inspiration from for new ideas. The Choir Group is this and much more…




We love singing and developing our expressive qualities in a group context. Participation at weekly practice and the ‘rigor’ imposed by the size of the group allow us to mature and develop respect for club guidelines in order to make our concerts a success.