The Cinemazza Commission


There are many steps that go into making our movie nights a success. First we choose the movies: each member can suggest some and then we vote to decide the best one. We attempt to create events that can offer quality cinematography and thoughts for reflection, as well as entertainment. Once the movies have been chosen we make fliers and posters that are then distributed in students’ mailboxes and throughout the study halls. Our Facebook page is also a good way to publicize our events and invite people.
On the night of the showing some of us work the register, welcoming people and selling tickets, while others focus on the technical aspects. When the movie ends and the lights turn back on, the debate begins: for each event a different member prepares a short comment to break the ice and start the discussion. At this point, the public can intervene to say what they think of the movie’s themes and how it approached them.
At the end, when it is time to shut down and close the Auditorium, people are always very satisfied and, consequently, we are as well.



Our Skills

We are students with different interests and different tastes in movies; some of us are cinema experts, while some have had their eyes opened to more interesting aspects of cinema just by entering CineMazza  (the Cinema Club). However, this has never been an obstacle, instead it has allowed us to plan multi-faceted events that anyone can appreciate. What brings us together is the pleasure of offering to our public (mostly, but not only, composed of students like us) quality films that they would be unlikely to watch from their home sofa, and the desire to stimulate debate on issues that are timely and complex. We manage relationships with movie theaters and film distribution companies, as well as directors, actors, and critics. CineMazza is run just like a business focusing on customer service; its various aspects include: scheduling, budgeting, purchasing, marketing, event management, and audits.