The Culture Commission


Our main focus is the “Culture Month”, a series of conferences with illustrious speakers that discuss a specific theme that is dealt with across multiple research areas. During this academic year, we visited the Hayez (Gallerie d’Italia, Intesa San Paolo) and Gauguin (MUDEC) exhibitions in Milan and the Escher exhibition at the Santa Caterina Museum in Treviso. Between a “Kiss” and a “Reflective Sphere”: with Professor Stefano Allievi we analyzed current politically relevant topics, such as Islam in Europe and, in order to cultivate our civic spirit, Professors Flavio Raviola and Andrea Ambrosi led us in an analysis of democracy from ancient times to today. Unforgettable is our past Culture Week (which later became a whole month) that we held in November, focusing on the topic of escape, in which the journalist Emiliano Bos spoke from overseas in New York, shedding light on the current dynamics of immigration.



We are characterized by cultural curiosity. We manage events, stimulate reflection and confrontation, communicate with scientific institutions, bring about critical thinking and constructive attitudes, and we know how to construct an argument and do research.