The Informatics Commission

ACTIVITIES - Female Residence

The IT Club is responsible for managing and crediting students’ accounts through which they can print documents and use other services, according to their needs. The proceeds obtained are then used for the maintenance and renovation of the Informatics Room: this year, for example, we were able to purchase new computers. The Club also deals with the purchase and sale of paper supplies for theses and graduation posters.

Info. Scopoli

ACTIVITIES - Male Residence

This year, the IT Club was engaged in the management of the computer lab, print services, and network hard disks (NAS) through which college students can share school notes, photos and videos, and much more. The club also provides a projector for a small fee to those who want to watch movies or TV shows, and additionally the club sells materials for binding and laminating documents. However, the most rewarding activity is the courses that the club organizes for fellow students where members of the club can pass on their knowledge. This year, after surveying students’ opinions, we decided to offer a course on Latek, a markup language for writing texts that is very useful for students writing a complicated dissertation, especially in the fields of natural science and engineering. As club members we are very happy with our success, which we do not take for granted, that we see both in the large number of students who participate in our courses and especially in their satisfaction upon course completion.



We run all aspects of students’ online college accounts: network connection, account access, user terms and conditions, the network hard drive, and print services. In conjunction with the Head of the College’s IT Department, we suggest innovative improvements for the Wi-Fi network and possible solutions to the connectivity and web browsing problems for all devices that students use. We organize informative and specialist classes that even sometimes coincide directly with students’ coursework.