The Music Commission


Once again, with great satisfaction from the members, this year the Music Club has managed to complete all the tasks it set out to do at the beginning of the academic year. Musicians and comedians had the opportunity to liven the stage of the traditional Christmas Concert, held in the College Auditorium on Wednesday December 16th together with the unmissable event of Charity Bingo. With enthusiasm, the club members then worked together to organize the following events in order to obtain the same rewarding result. The elegant and classic evening of “Mazza Musicians”, which took place on April 13th at the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, was welcomed by the audience with surprising liveliness. Additionally (new this year!), in order to increase the number of attendees, we decided to hold refreshments post-concert. It turned out to be a great idea! Compared to the previous years, we have surely noticed more participation, interest, and commitment from our collegiate companions in regards to the music club activities.


Our Skills

We know music, organize events, cultivate artistic talent, encourage expressiveness and verbal and nonverbal communication, and we know how to excite a crowd.

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