The Spirituality Group


We have spent another year together, and simply spending time together is fundamental to the spirituality club: we live together and share experiences! Our year of activity started with a beautiful journey to Rome, in occasion of the Jubilee of Mercy held by Pope Francis. We were able to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Door and discover the treasures of the eternal city by visiting the patriarchal basilicas and enjoying artistic monuments and exhibitions. Our contemplation of the Jubilee, and especially on the topic of Mercy, has continued throughout the year with many insights and informal discussions guided by our assistant Father Luca. You can already tell how richly full our year was, but this is just the beginning! We shared many other spiritual moments: Sunday Eucharist, Liturgy of the Hours, celebrations of the year’s best times, and this year we also visited the Bishop of Padua, Claudio Cipolla, for the commemoration of the birth of the College’s founder Don Nicola Mazza. Worth mentioning also are the Vespers during Culture Week with a reflection on the book of Exodus, as well as conferences with renowned liturgists like Andrea Grillo. There have been so many opportunities that have allowed us to open new horizons, unhinge old structures, and learn to critically analyze what we know. Last but not least, in accordance with club tradition, at the end of every winter exam session we plan a group trip. This year we went to the Friuli region to visit the cities of Aquileia, Grado, and Udine where we enjoyed their cultural, archeological, and culinary treasures.