The Sports Commission


Among the most unforgettable events there is the StraMazza, a team relay race with our special baton, and a mixed soccer tournament, with custom rules for men and women. We also arrange a trip every semester for activities such as skiing, rafting, and paintball. We have recently introduced a new indoor volleyball tournament, which has seen great success so far…maybe because the winning prize is gelato from the Romana ice cream shop. The Female Residence organizes a rink party on ice and a Zumba Course. The Male Residence, on the other hand, is mainly dedicated to basketball and soccer, with the historic Wine Tournament. Space is also provided for other sports such as swimming and tennis. The club also participates in the Mazzurro, the College’s music and dance party. In summary, we are a group of young adults passionate about health, fun, and especially food…come to the refreshments after our games or to our team dinners to see for yourself!




Our Skills

We practice various sports at different levels, create and respect game and College rules, manage events big and small, organize groups of people, manage relationships with public institutions, work hard to communicate and publicize our events to make them great, and we care about the wellness and personal wellbeing of all who participate in our initiatives.