Enrollment is open to all students who are about to begin or who are already attending a university program for the 2019/2020 academic year.


Throughout its residences, the College offers a total of 124 available spots.


30 available spots in the male residence

20 available spots in the female residence

24 available spots in the Job Campus residence


20 available spots in the male residence

30 available spots in the female residence


Upon admission students can benefit from residential and personal development services. The Padua and Rome residences have an ISO 9001 quality certification and an OHSAS 18001 security system.

3.1. Residential Services


Male Residence




Male Residence

Female Residence

Job Campus (Padua)


Double rooms with bathroom. Weekly cleaning service.

Common room cleaning service.  Reception service. Utilities included



Double rooms with bathroom. Weekly cleaning service.

Common room cleaning service. Reception service.

Utilities included



Single and double rooms with bathroom, air conditioning. Weekly cleaning service.

Common room cleaning service. Reception serivce.

Utilities included



Single, double, or triple rooms, private or shared bathrooms. Daily cleaning of common areas.

Rooms cleaning service only during the change of season.

Reception service.

Utilities included



Double or triple rooms with bathroom, single rooms with shared bathrooms. Weekly cleaning service.

Common room cleaning service. 

Reception service.

Utilities included




Offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner 7 days a week.

Offer lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Breakfast is not provided.

Offer dinner Monday to Friday; kitchen available for students’ personal use for other meals.

Offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Saturday; kitchen available for students’ personal use for other meals.

Offer dinner Monday to Friday; kitchen available for students’ personal use for other meals.


Wi-Fi, air-conditioned study halls, coffee room, cinema room, library, conference room, computer lab, classrooms, reading room and TV room, gym, laundry and ironing room, bicycle parking.


Wi-Fi, common areas with air conditioning, conference room, library, computer lab, classrooms, reading room and TV room, laundry and ironing room, gym, piano, garden, bicycle parking.

Wi-Fi, common areas with air conditioning, classrooms, study halls, library, reading room, TV room, soccer field, gym, chapel, large garden, laundry room, bicycle parking, computer lab.

Wi-Fi, library, lecture hall, multifunctional hall, piano and music room, study halls, computer labs, classrooms, living room, chapel, newspaper reading room, TV room, bicycle parking, garden. 

Wi-Fi, lecture hall, study halls, classrooms, library, newspaper reading room, TV room, gym, chapel, music room, bicycle parking, large garden.


3.2 Personal development services

As well as the internationally excellent academic centers, the College’s residential experience leads to the development of cross-disciplinary skills through an interdisciplinary environment and a variety of student-focused initiatives. The College provides each student with a personalized development project focusing on different areas:



Individual meetings with the Board of Directors for the formation of the personal development project.
Group activities and refined experiences aimed at the development of soft skills.
Advising services.
Psychological counseling services.


Conversations and meetings with university professors, researchers, and PhD students in order to perfect your major course of study.
Personalized accompaniment by tutors (Peer tutoring).


Residential life in a multidisciplinary and international context.
Team sport activities.


Foreign language courses aimed at obtaining certifications.
Cycles of conferences, study seminars.
Activities in the field of performance art (music, choir, theater)

Assistance with cultural experiences.



Professional orientation.
Placement services.
Inclusion in research and development teams on innovative business projects.
Accompanying business startups.



Every student admitted and living at the College for at least two years can obtain a College Certificate, which certifies that students have acquired various skills and which can be presented together with their résumé when applying to jobs.


In order to be accepted into the College’s Residences, all students must undergo the following admissions process.



– Self-presentation interview with the Management and evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge
– Interview with a commission of college professors on personal school curricula, attitudes, and motivation to study
– For the Padua Residences students must produce a brief written piece on a general cultural topic chosen by the candidate out of those proposed by the Management


See the “C_Lab” competition


During the interviews and application process, candidates have the opportunity to meet with students of the College in order to discover Residence life and activities first-hand.


In order to proceed with the admissions application, all students must provide the College with the following documentation, forms available online at www.collegiomazza.it.


Please fill out the following forms:

  • Admission Application fully completed and signed

(male residence – female residence)
• Personal Presentation Overview
• Certificate of Guarantee (international students only)

Please submit the forms along with these documents:

• Copy of a valid ID
• Two ID-sized photographs
• For students enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program, a copy of your high school transcript and diploma, or equivalent.
• For students already enrolled in a University program, a certificate of enrollment along with current transcript and course of study
• ISEE statement (tax return/income statement) compiled by a Tax Assistance Center (CAF)


For the eligibility criteria please refer to “C_Lab” competition


Each applicant may also submit any additional documentation that they believe is necessary to accurately assess their family situation and personality.


All required documentation must be delivered to the College either by hand delivery, by mail, or sent as an email (the secretary will send a confirmation reply) to the respective residences by the following deadlines.


First admission period:

Friday, July 12, 2019 at 12:00 pm.

Second admission period:

Monday, September 9, 2019 at 12:00 pm.

Hall of residence ‘Giuseppe Tosi’ (Male)
Via dei Savonarola, 176 – 35137 Padova
Tel. +39 049 87 34 411 – Fax +39 049 87 19 477 – gtosi@collegiomazza.it

Hall of residence ‘Isabela Scopoli’ (Female)

Via Canal, 14 – 35137 Padova
Tel. +39 049 87 32 210 – Fax +39 049 87 32 251 – iscopoli@collegiomazza.it


First admission period:

Friday, June 28, 2019 at 12:00 pm.

Hall of residence ‘Job Campus’ (Male and Female)

 Via Gianbattista Belzoni 146 – 35121 Padova
Tel. +39 049 80 66 190
On-line application to “C_Lab” competition



First admission period:

Monday, September 16, 2019 at 12:00 pm.

Hall of residence ‘Ferrari delle Spade’ (Males)

Via San Carlo, 5 – 37129 Verona
Tel. +39 045 83 48 536 – Fax +39 045 83 49 089 – sancarlo@collegiomazza.it


Hall of residence ‘Campofiore’  (Females)

 Via Campofiore, 15 – 37129 Verona
Tel. +39 045 59 47 80 – Fax +39 045 59 02 75  – campofiore@collegiomazza.it

All required documents sent by e-mail must be brought (a paper copy) the day of the selection.


Applicants must participate in an admission interview during one of the following periods:


First call: July 16 and 17, 2019
Second call: September 11 and 12, 2019


First call: May 15, 2019 to June 28, 2019



First call: September 18 and 19, 2019

Additional calls

Management may decide to hold additional admission interviews based on the availability of spots in the Residences.

During the interview periods applicants have the possibility of staying overnight in the College. The location, time, and schedule of admission interviews will be communicated to students via letter or email. 



Admissions decisions will be made by the Management of each Residence based on the results of the admission interviews. Each applicant will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Excellent academic performance, a positive attitude, motivation to study, and the family’s economic condition.
  2. The willingness to participate in a personal development project pertaining to the College’s initiatives.

The list of admitted students will be released on www.collegiomazza.it on the following days:


First admission period: July 22, 2019
Second admission period: September 16, 2019


First admission period: July  15, 2019


First admission period: September 23, 2019

Applicants admitted to the College will be officially notified of the decision by the Management of the respective Residences, along with the terms and conditions that must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.


For each student, the expected monthly contribution varies according their family’s income.

For the Padua Residences, it ranges from a minimum of € 350.00 to a maximum of € 800.00.
For the Verona Residences, it ranges from a minimum of € 350.00 to a maximum of € 750.00.
For the Job Campus Residence € 400.00 for month.


It is possible to request the calculation of your expected contribution before beginning the admissions process online at www.collegiomazza.it/calcolo-della-retta/.

Eligible students can benefit from financial aid as specified in section 11 below.

In the case of admission to the College, applicants who do not provide the proper ISEE documentation will be subject to pay the full rate.


All students admitted to Mazza College benefit from discounted rates and have an economic benefit over the actual total cost of the residential and personal development services provided (view more information in the Financial Breakdown section).

The College Administration, on the basis of an available budget, may grant scholarships for the purpose of decreasing financial burdens for students who have demonstrated academic excellence and particularly difficult financial situations. Scholarship information will be communicated to families within the first few months of the academic year.


The College encourages international exchanges, and, as such, guarantees scholarship availability for its students who are accepted into study abroad programs or who are interested in going abroad to conduct research.


Admission into the College is only valid for the 2019/20 academic year. Confirmation of acceptance into the College for future academic years will be based on an evaluation of each student’s academic performance and the quality of their personal development project according to the guidelines set for Merit-Based Colleges by the Ministry of University and Research.


Students who would like to meet the Deans and visit the College before the admission interviews or who would like to find out more information may contact the Registrar of the respective Residences using the contact information provided in section 7.



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