How can I join college?

You must be accepted to the College through a rigorous admissions process.

When are applications made available?

No later than June and they can either be downloaded on the College’s site along with additional documentation that must be submitted for admission, or applications can be requested from the Registrar of each Residence.

What does the admission process entail?

For the Padua and Verona Residences admission decisions are determined by the following elements:
– Self-presentation interview with the Management and evaluation of the candidate’s knowledge
– Interview with a commission of college professors on personal school curricula, attitudes, and motivation to study
– For the Padua Residences students must produce a brief written piece on a general cultural topic chosen by the candidate out of those proposed by the Management

During the interviews and application process, candidates have the opportunity to meet with students of the College in order to discover Residence life and activities first-hand.

Acceptance into the Rome Residence is regulated by the admissions guidelines issued by the LUISS ‘Guido Carli’ University available at dirittoallostudio.luiss.it.

Can I still apply for admission if my family has a high income?

Yes, you can.

Which documents do I have to submit to finalize my application?

The admission application must be filled out on the designated form and submitted with all the following documents:

–  Personal presentation overview;
–  ISEE statement compiled by a Tax Assistance Center (CAF);
–  Two ID-sized photographs;
–  For students enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program, a copy of your high school transcript and diploma, or equivalent
–  For students already enrolled in a University program, a certificate of enrollment along with current transcript and course of study;
–  For students enrolling in a master’s degree program, undergraduate diploma and transcript, or equivalent.
–  For foreign students, a certificate of guarantee completed on the appropriate form

How are the rooms?

There are single, double, and triple rooms complete with basic furnishings (bed, desk, wardrobe, and shelving units).

Do the rooms have their own bathroom?

Yes. Depending on the residence, some bathrooms are private and some are shared with the adjacent room.

Who cleans the room?

Rooms and common areas are cleaned by a cleaning company; the frequency of these cleanings varies depending on the services offered by the Residence. Despite this cleaning service, students are expected to keep their rooms neat and orderly at all times.

Can I...?

Can I access the dining hall or do I have a kitchen in my residence?

Please verify the services offered by each residence on their relative webpages.

Can I connect to the Internet and use my computer?

Yes. Each Residence is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection and a computer lab.

Can I play piano or other musical instruments at the College?

Yes. In each Residence there is a music room that you can access during daytime hours where you can play your own instrument or use one provided by the College.

Can I practice sports?

Yes. The College organizes sporting events internally or in collaboration with local universities: soccer tournaments, basketball, volleyball, etc. In some residences there is a gym with fitness equipment and/or an agreement with local sports clubs for team sports.

Am I automatically guaranteed my housing every year?

No. In order to confirm placement in the College’s housing, first year students must have completed at least two-thirds of their expected university credits by August. For following years, students will have to complete all credits for the previous year and, by August, two-thirds of the expected credits for the current year.

By their 3rd year, students must also obtain a foreign language certificate that is equivalent to or higher than the proficiency level mandated by the College upon the students’ admission.

How does the payment of College fees work?

What is ISEE?

ISEE refers to the Equivalent Economic Situation Index. Please contact a Tax Assistance Center (CAFs) in order to calculate this.

How do you calculate the fees?

All students admitted to Mazza College benefit from discounted rates and have an economic benefit over the actual total cost of the residential and personal development services provided. The expected monthly contribution ranges from a minimum of € 330.00 to a maximum of € 800.00 and is individually calculated based on the economic situation of each student’s family as certified by ISEE and based on the variety of services offered by individual residences.

It is possible to request the calculation of your expected contribution before beginning the admissions process. Then, in the case of admission to the College, applicants who do not provide the proper ISEE documentation will be subject to pay the full rate.

When do I have to submit payment?

College fees are paid, for each academic year, in three separate rates with deadlines in November, February, and May.