Financial Breakdown

Studying out-of-state forces students and their families to evaluate the accommodation opportunities and the services that the university town can offer.

In order for our students to better understand the financially advantageous aspects of the College’s services, below is a chart that compares the various aspects of the actual cost of living in Padua for university students. The comparison between the cost for a student in a local apartment and the cost for a student in a College dormitory (taking into account the G. Tosi male residence) reveals financial savings for every family.

The comparison excludes the cost of university fees, transportation, and textbooks.

Yearly College costs
Item of expenditure Unit cost Yearly apartment cost I Band III Band V Band
Room costs (12 months, double room) 200 € per month € 2.400 € 3.300 € 5.500 € 7.000
Living costs (50 € per week x 4 weeks) 200 € per month € 2.000
Bills and utilities (12 months) 35 € per month € 420
Internet ADSL connection 8 € per month € 96
 Cambridge University Language Training course cost € 900
 E.C.D.L. Informatics Certificate certificate cost € 198
Tutoring and preparation with lecturer (10 h) 50 € per hour € 500
Gym registration (10 months) 40 € per month € 400
Swimming course course cost € 120
Guided tours of museums (2 visits) 80 € per guide € 160
Ticket Verdi Theatre – Padova 20 € a ticket € 40
Città d’arte trip (2 days) Total expenditure € 180
Rehearsal room renting for music group (10 months) 20 € per month € 200
Total costs € 7.614 € 3.585 € 5.785 € 7.285
I Band III Band V Band

Download the cost breakdown PDF

If interested, the Cost Report at the Federconsumantori Italian Universities details an in depth analysis of the cost for out-of-state students in Italy. The annual average amount in northern cities for rent in a shared room, food, home expenses, and personal costs is 6,500.00 €. Costs for additional workshops and activities related to university studies are not considered.

The maximum amount of student fees as detailed in the College’s application will only be applied to candidates who either do not submit an ISEE declaration on their household’s economic situation or whose households have a total yearly income above 70.000,00€.

For children of public administration employees who have won an INPS University College Scholarship or for orphans, the net contribution of out-of-pocket expenses will be calculated to include a discount of at least 40% and not greater than 95% of the maximum cost of residency.