Merit-Based Colleges

Merit-Based Colleges are legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University, and Research and are part of the Permanent Conference (CCU); they represent a key resource for the achievement of quality objectives in learning and student development.

Colleges legally recognized by M.I.U.R. stand out from any other university residential facility especially for offering personal and professional development services: their main objective is to enhance the student as a person, rather than seeing them as a resource or a cog in the system. This gives way to multiple personal development opportunities, as well as to other services that pursue excellence and intend to prepare young people for the complexity of today’s society, enabling them to develop the capabilities of critical thinking, judgment skills, and independent choice.

Each College proposes a specific educational project to its students, as personalized as possible and conceived in close collaboration with university institutions and professors, in order to enable students to consciously build their own profile, therefore opening themselves to an interdisciplinary culture that develops important social and life relationships and allows them to achieve their best potential.

The strengths of these legally recognized colleges are: the interdisciplinary environment, the cultural richness of a vibrant intellectual community, sharing ethical motivations and evaluation criteria necessary to exercise future professions, learning rules of coexistence and social relations, and the quality of housing and services.

Thanks to this program, students are given favorable conditions to help them acclimate to the college environment away from home and to obtain their university degree in the shortest time with the best results.

The relationship with the College does not stop even after graduation, thanks to the presence of alumni associations (or former students) who support the cultural activities of the College and promote both planning for and insertion into the working world.