Organization and staff

General Offices

General Secretary: Francesco Gaspari
– Administration and promotion of the Institution
– Real estate management
– Business relations
– Secretariat of the Board of Directors
– Personal management
– Coordination of internal services

General Administration: Davide Maran
– Accounting and budgeting
– Bursar
– Students Fees
– Management of IT structures
– Coordination of admissions and academic review

Innovation and development projects: Mirco Paoletto
– Relationships with the working world: innovation and development projects, relationships with former students, and job-selection.
– Management of the Mimprendo and Mimprendo Italia operations
– Programming, design, evaluation, and development of accredited courses at universities, funded professional development activities and cultural initiatives
– Coordination of university orientation and tutoring activities
– Advertising and communication: image promotion and college services

Male residence "G. Tosi" Padua

Director: Luca Corona
Assistant Director: Gianluca D’Incà

Patrizia Norbiato

– Fiscal and academic data management of students
– Secretarial and coordination of courses
– Enrollment for other internal courses

Annalisa Critelli (in the morning)
Luisa Melato (in the afternoon)

Women's Residence "I. Scopoli" Padua

Resident Manager: Caterina Avezzù

Silvia Pagnin

Male Residence "G. Tovini" Rome

Director: Francesco Massagrande

Valentina Zavarella (in the morning)

Male Residence "San Carlo" Verona

Director: Matteo Mondini
Cultural activities and student registrar: Matteo Bullo

Women's Residence "Campofiore" Verona

Co-directors: Edilma Sabino da Silva and Maria Cristina Lucarini
Management Assistant: Giliola Taietta
Cultural Activity Coordinator: Germana Canteri