Are you looking for university accommodations near your faculty?

The university accommodations at College Mazza are all close to the university faculties of the cities of Padua, Verona and Rome.

Are you looking for accommodation during the university period? You have the opportunity to find accommodation in the university residences of College Mazza, participating in the competition announcement.

Why choose university accommodation?

These are structures specially designed for students, designed to ensure safety and tranquility, without taking away opportunities for recreation and socializing. Do you want or do you need to study away from your place of residence? The College Mazza is the solution for you. Do you want to have a life experience with your peers in an international environment? Choose College Mazza.

The historic home of College Mazza in Padua is the Tosi Residence, which is exclusively for men. The apartments are located within the walls of Padua, near the historic center. They have always been a valid support as well as for the students also for the teachers.

The accommodations have Wi-Fi, common areas with air conditioning, library, computer room, TV room, laundry, garden and bicycle parking.

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