Professional Development

We connect students’ intellectual and creative potential with the needs of companies in expansion.

The new challenges of global competition are not accomplished by bettering the same old techniques, but rather by inventing new ones.

In this context, the College proposes itself as a resource for university students and business partners by offering:

High profile training: combines academic excellence with well-rounded personal development. Today, more than ever, the working world places a strong emphasis on these values, pursuing developments that produce lasting improvement, and strengthen identity, social integration, and ethical sensitivity.

The social benefit of training: training people able to plan for future scenarios and to search for elements of novelty and discontinuity needed for social promotion, cultural growth, and scientific evolution.

Interventions on the new frontiers of social redemption, which, as confirmed by CENSIS and ISFOL, means shifting its horizon from access to the university to access to the world of work.

The College offers prospective professionals the opportunity to mature their personality, intellectual flexibility, and wealth of skills that many view as necessary and valuable for future leaders and workers. Culture, leadership, autonomous work, and cooperation are the guiding values ​​of the College’s structured daily professional development proposal.

Mazza College is the Head of the Operations Department of Mimprendo Italia.

The Director is Dr. Mirco Paoletto (