Via Campofiore, 15
37129 Verona - Italy
Fax +39 045 590275

Women’s Residence “Campofiore”

The feminine characterization of the Residence, located in the immediate vicinity of the headquarters of the University of Verona, is reflected in the authentic support of women according to Mazza ideals: lifting up women in accordance with their current needs, while keeping in mind female history.

The presence of the male residence in the same city allows for a lively collaboration at the cultural, spiritual, and recreational level.

Residential services


Single, double, and triple rooms; private or shared bathroom. Daily cleaning of common areas. Room cleaning service only during the change of seasons.
Reception services.

Dining Halls

Offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Saturday; kitchen available for students’ personal use for other meals.

Other services

Wi-Fi, library, lecture hall, multifunctional hall, piano and music room, study halls, computer labs, classrooms, living room, chapel, newspaper reading room, TV room, bicycle parking, garden.

Personal development services

As well as the internationally excellent academic centers, the College’s residential experience leads to the development of cross-disciplinary skills through an interdisciplinary environment and a variety of student-focused initiatives. The College provides each student with a personalized development project focusing on different areas:


Individual meetings with the Board of Directors for the formation of the personal development project.
Group activities and refined experiences aimed at the development of soft skills.
Advising services.
Psychological counseling services.


Conversations and meetings with university professors, researchers, and PhD students in order to perfect your major course of study.
Personalized accompaniment by tutors (Peer tutoring).


Residential life in a multidisciplinary and international context.
Team sport activities.


Foreign language courses aimed at obtaining certifications.
Cycles of conferences, study seminars.
Activities in the field of performance art (music, choir, theater).


Professional orientation.
Placement services.
Inclusion in research and development teams on innovative business projects.
Accompanying business startups.