University Orientation

Mazza College offers university orientation activities for high school students, as well as preparation for Medicine Admission tests.


The College prepares university orientation workshops for schools, designed as development workshops to support informed choices in the passing from high school to university. The workshops are based on projects that are agreed upon with the principals or the teachers involved in the orientation activities, according to the specific needs of the students and the classes in question.

Selecting your own university major is not easy, so Mazza College can provide support for this challenging choice.

Over the years, educational and university preparation activities have offered useful elements in the development of scientific research activities and in the publication of evaluation surveys, which represent various types of contributions designed to facilitate students’ choice of a university major.

The College helps students evaluate their personal motivations that led them to choose the subject of their major and the course of study pertaining to it. The degree course must be the most suitable for them in order to prepare them to face university life and the working world with the proper awareness.

The College also provides preparation support for Admission Test in Medicine and Health Care Professions.