Medicine Admission Test Preparation Courses

Formative Methodology

These courses reinforce the disciplinary preparation of students by starting from the actual needs in their personal development in respect with the standards expected by the test.
The detailed program is defined by the course coordinator based on simulation tests and on the preparation level of students.

Operators’ Skills

The teaching activity is performed by a selected group of the best students and graduates from Merit-Based University Colleges, in order to enhance practices with the logic of peer education.


The program entails the continuation of subjects from university tests in an in-depth manner, integrated with exercises and peer education activities with the involvement of students enrolled in Medicine courses.

Ethically Responsible Services

All the services are provided with non-speculative price politics.

Collective and Personalized Courses

The College can offer new collective courses in agreement with scholastic institutions or parental committees and new personalized courses on demand. Please fill out this form and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

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