Orientation in Schools

Flexible Organization

Meetings can be held either during school time or after school, with the involvement of a group of students from either a singular class or a group of many classes.

Considering the general decrease in school funding for special projects, free workshops are available as well as reduced cost workshops that only take into account the professional work of the workshop runners and not the cost of traveling and equipment reimbursements. Discounts are available in the case of workshops involving a network of schools in the city or Province (minimum 2 schools).


Provocation: University, work, or gap year?

Provocations to unplug from the attraction of fads, addictions, and illusions.

This talk has the purpose of “provoking” students and making them think critically about their aspirations for the future and the possibility of achieving them with the help of realistic professional and academic tracks.

Mazza College provides one orientation leader for a talk in the context of conferences, school assemblies, and fairs organized by the school for last-year students. The presence of this leader is offered for free by the college.

Involvement: choose a project, not a department

Know who we are so we can choose what we want. Building a Personal Project Map.

This workshop prepares students to consider the post-high school diploma journey as a fundamental part of personal development. This activity includes the analysis of experiences acquired during high school studies and extra-curricular activities with the help of a Personal Project Map to define useful elements for personal growth.

Personalization: Personalized Counseling

The purpose of these talks is to help craft personalized university preparation courses. They can be requested by the students attending the ‘Choose a project, not a department’ workshop who are interested in exploring their results and the suggestions found in their Personal Project Map.


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