University Preparation Talks

Mazza College gives last year high school students the opportunity to use personalized university preparation counseling,

These preparative talks represent a journey of personal development, which is actualized in a series of individual meetings that entail a series of discussions and interviews, structured precisely for maximum benefit. This journey allows students to get to know themselves better and to facilitate a realization of their own personal goals to lead to an informed university decision. These talks allow students to:

-become aware of their own personal and scholastic capabilities;

-solidify their areas of strength and improve their areas of weakness

-clear up doubts of uncertainty and become aware of their vast choices for the future

-prepare a plan of action


Reserve your first informational talk for free

Please fill out the following form in order to reserve your appointment, which will be about an hour long. After submitting this form you will be contacted by a Mazza College operator to deicide the date and time of the appointment. During the talk you will have the opportunity to see all the characteristics of this personalized journey.