What to do after graduation?

What to do after graduation

After high school diploma many students are caught by the indecision on their future and in particular on the choice of the right faculty for them. Future perspectives in the labor market must also be taken into consideration. So you finally faced high school final exam, but you still do not know what you want to do when you grow up?

To meet your needs there is the university orientation that can help you in the choice and can prepare you to pass the entrance exams. You must also evaluate if you are more worn in certain subjects than others, because otherwise the path could be too demanding and leave you with a bitter taste.

How to choose?

How to prepare for the choice of the faculty? It is better to take some time to reflect, it is worthwhile to continue with the studies or better enter immediately into the world of work? Depending on your attitudes and aspirations you can choose more objectively.

Universities are varied, as are the faculties, so a certain effort is required to carefully examine all possibilities. Remember to never neglect future job prospects. The university orientation helps you and guides you towards entering university.

Individual university orientation talks

If in addition to the meetings at high school you need more information and insights on the training path you want to take, you can take advantage of personalized interviews that help you evaluate yourself, your ambitions and your preparation. Avoid attending a degree program that you are not fond of. In the future you could do a job that’s not for you!

Take advantage of this valuable help and request a personalized orientation interview.

How do I prepare for the admission test?

If the degree program you want to choose is a limited number prepared in time! You must prepare yourself by studying and practicing. In general, the admission tests are held at the beginning of September, so be informed and do not forget that you can rely on College Mazza for the preparation for the test.

Discover all that College Mazza can do for you through university orientation.